I respect and support my Prime Minister: especially on foreign policy


Quebec author William Johnson said about Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he admires the man but doesn’t like him because of his apparent cold demeanour and I do agree with Mr.Johnson’s sentiments.  For those not familiar with William Johnson, he authored Prime Minister Harper’s biography in 2006. The videos I am about to present you below, shows WHY admire the Prime Minister. This is a man who says to moral relativism and moral equivalence in foreign policy, “Go away and be damned!” There is a thing called, right and wrong and it is not a bad thing.  It is neither stupid nor childish. It may be simple but never simplistic. This is a leader with brass balls to do the right thing in condemning the policies, the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel theories, and the terror and the corrupt practices in  government of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This is where my fellow conservative friends on both border (US and Canada) are going to embrace me with open arms: President Obama can learn a lesson from Harper. In contrast to Harper’s foreign policy, President Obama’s have been a disappointment frankly. This is NOT a new found hatred of President Obama (let’s be unmistakably clear on that) but when it comes to foreign policy, as the Mafia would say,”It’s not personal, it’s business.” Yes, I take it very seriously as it has serious world consequences. I support my Rabbi-In-Chief Shmuely Boteach’s displeasure of President Obama’s handling with the Iranian uprising this past summer. I felt President Obama was actually COLDER than Harper on a hands off policy towards Iran. Millions of young Iranians wanted freedom and a United States President could have said a word of support for their struggle for democracy and freedom. That didn’t happen. To make matters worse, President Obama has a rift between him and the Israeli people.  While I think Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has every right to the Eddie Murphy “FU” three times routine to Obama, he is being a gentlemen in every sense of the word, wanting to give Obama a chance (so do I). My ex-boss at work who knew to stick up for his own afternoon shift that he managed can do a hell of a lot better than President Obama in foreign policy. Yes, I am being harsh but I think it is appropriate. Sometimes truth has it’s harshness. I do not understand and have no need to understand why should anyone alienate your allies and hop in bed with those who want to destroy you. It may be a dream to wish that my Prime Minister become the Winston Churchill of the 21st century but I it is my firm hope that Prime Minister Harper will go very far in the world stage. At least Canada is handling the recession better than the U.S. (though the problems remain) and as David Frum suggested when we’re out of the recession, we will probably have lower taxes than the U.S.  Contrary to what left-wing bullies and critics think, Stephen Harper is doing something right! 

Thumbs way up for Tyler Perry’s latest flick!

i-can-do-bad-all-by-myself-poster Yes, the sexy and multi-talented Taraji P. Henson probably deserves to go to the Oscars a second time in 2010 for her performance in Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself which was released this past Friday (on her 39th birthday. She joins me in the last of her thirties). Adam Rodriguez (of CSI: Miami fame) also carries his weight in the movie.  If you wondering what happened to  Gladys Knight all these years, look no further and also look for Mary J.Blige who plays a close friend of Taraji’s character in the movie. Though Tyler Perry said at one time that they will be a time that the character of Madea won’t always be around in his future movies,well Madea fans don’t worry, she’s in this movie  and doing as usual keeping troubled kids walking the straight and narrow and definately preaching The Good Word (even though she may have her facts of the biblical stories mixed up). I actually liked this movie far better than Madea Goes To Jail which was released earlier this year.  I Can Do Bad All By Myself has definately a superior script to it and had the quality actors to carry it out and this is a reason why I give two thumbs waay up!

Yes, it is that time of year again


As I have always mentioned,  the incidents on September 11, 2001 were a Canadian tragedy as well as an American tragedy. Let us never, ever forget it.

Every year, I ALWAYS listed the Canadian victims of this tragedy as a reminder. This year is no different.

Arczynski, Mike
Bailey, Garnet
Barkway, David
Basnicki, Ken
Collison, Joe
Connolly, Cindy
Dack, Arron
Egan, Christine
Egan, Michael
Elmarry, Albert
Ewart, Meredith
Feidelberg, Peter
Filipov, Alexander
Gerhardt, Ralph
Lee, Stuart
Ludvigsen, Mark
Mascarenhas, Bernard
McArthur, Colin
Pelletier, Mike
Robson, Donald
Santos, Rufino
Tomasevic, Vladimir
Vincelli, Chantal
                                                                                                                                                     Williams, Debbie


Time’s up for tax crybabies

DisplayAttachThis is not a popular article for my American friends down south (especially if they are right of centre) but I firmly convinced that National Post’s Diane Francis is right and is talking a lot of sense. Even former Arkansas Governor and 2008 Republican presidential canidate Mike Huckabee proposed some kind of national sales tax (but getting of the IRS at the same time). Much as I like Americans and have made my pro-Americanism very clear, Diane is correct in suggesting that NOW is the perfect time for our fellow Americans to live within their means and yes, a little delayed gratification will go a long way.

Time’s up for tax crybabies

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Much Music at 25, A Shell of it’s former self

Right on to the Toronto Star for hitting the nail on the head about Much Music today vs. 25 years ago. Those who commented about the article also hit the nail on the head too and I am damn glad those who commented gave a very severely harsh assessment about Much Music today. When a statement is given like this, “We will be doing absolutely nothing for the 25th anniversary,” says Brad Schwartz, senior vice-president and general manager of Much MTV Group. “Our core audience (the millennial demographic, with a skew to 18-year-olds) doesn’t care that we’re 25. It’s not news to them, only to the press and people who are no longer our audience.” He was glorifying the stupidity, self-centeredness (which breeds the stupid idea among Gen Yers that the earth and human existence began in 1981) and  the obnoxious shallowness effecting the younger people today. He also sanctioned the idea that history (even in music) is not important, don’t even bother studying it or learning from it (it’s for geeks and nerds). He confirmed the age of utilitarianism: it’s not about the music, it’s strictly business, profit and the bottom line. The idea that is about the music is an idea for losers and whiners and it will never sell  (yeah, so much for the saying if you build it, they will come)! Also Mr.Schwartz says to people like me over 35, “You are irrelevant! Go away!”   Oh yes, I remember the movie documentary The Corporation and Much Music has not escaped corporatization sad to say.  If the internet will kill the music station as like that prophetic song “Video Killed The Radio Star”, I say so be it! The 2010s I hope will have best popular music yet to come (the most memorable for the ages I hope) and if the internet is going to be the only place to lead in that direction, let nothing (and I mean NOTHING) stop them! Viva La Revolucion!


Make sure to see Bandslam

My friend Joe last week wanted me to see the movie Bandslam and we did this past Saturday night despite my original reluctance to see it.  When I eventually seen the movie with Joe, my reluctance quickly melted away and to say that I was impressed with the movie is an understatement.  The Rotten Tomatoes.com site gave it an 80% rating. Roger Ebert (a critic whom I have taken seriously for many years now) gave it three stars on his website. Sadly, the great critical reviews has not translated into a big box office hit. I am neverthless optomistic that it will do better on DVD/Blue Ray in the next few months. What is the synopsis of this movie? It is about a new kid town who manages to put together a fledging band together to compete in a Tri-state high school music competition called Bandslam and boy he does a damn good job. I wished music of  this decade of 2000s which is about to end in exactly four months produced music like this fictional band in the movie called  I Can’t Go On/I’ll Go On with their song Amphetamine. I can’t get this song out of my mind and I am enjoying it!