Make sure to see Bandslam

My friend Joe last week wanted me to see the movie Bandslam and we did this past Saturday night despite my original reluctance to see it.  When I eventually seen the movie with Joe, my reluctance quickly melted away and to say that I was impressed with the movie is an understatement.  The Rotten site gave it an 80% rating. Roger Ebert (a critic whom I have taken seriously for many years now) gave it three stars on his website. Sadly, the great critical reviews has not translated into a big box office hit. I am neverthless optomistic that it will do better on DVD/Blue Ray in the next few months. What is the synopsis of this movie? It is about a new kid town who manages to put together a fledging band together to compete in a Tri-state high school music competition called Bandslam and boy he does a damn good job. I wished music of  this decade of 2000s which is about to end in exactly four months produced music like this fictional band in the movie called  I Can’t Go On/I’ll Go On with their song Amphetamine. I can’t get this song out of my mind and I am enjoying it!

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