Much Music at 25, A Shell of it’s former self

Right on to the Toronto Star for hitting the nail on the head about Much Music today vs. 25 years ago. Those who commented about the article also hit the nail on the head too and I am damn glad those who commented gave a very severely harsh assessment about Much Music today. When a statement is given like this, “We will be doing absolutely nothing for the 25th anniversary,” says Brad Schwartz, senior vice-president and general manager of Much MTV Group. “Our core audience (the millennial demographic, with a skew to 18-year-olds) doesn’t care that we’re 25. It’s not news to them, only to the press and people who are no longer our audience.” He was glorifying the stupidity, self-centeredness (which breeds the stupid idea among Gen Yers that the earth and human existence began in 1981) and  the obnoxious shallowness effecting the younger people today. He also sanctioned the idea that history (even in music) is not important, don’t even bother studying it or learning from it (it’s for geeks and nerds). He confirmed the age of utilitarianism: it’s not about the music, it’s strictly business, profit and the bottom line. The idea that is about the music is an idea for losers and whiners and it will never sell  (yeah, so much for the saying if you build it, they will come)! Also Mr.Schwartz says to people like me over 35, “You are irrelevant! Go away!”   Oh yes, I remember the movie documentary The Corporation and Much Music has not escaped corporatization sad to say.  If the internet will kill the music station as like that prophetic song “Video Killed The Radio Star”, I say so be it! The 2010s I hope will have best popular music yet to come (the most memorable for the ages I hope) and if the internet is going to be the only place to lead in that direction, let nothing (and I mean NOTHING) stop them! Viva La Revolucion!

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