Toronto in ’72

This was City TV Toronto’s sign on and sign off  song “People’s City” by songwritter Tommy Ambrose (who also did Global TV’s jingle too! This guy really got around doing two songs for two stations! I knew it was the same voice!).  By the way, he turns 71  come Monday! This past September, City TV Toronto turned 37 (wow! The station has less than years before it turns 40, I got less than three months! Yikes!)  Think of it, back in ’72, Toronto Mayor Miller was still 12 (going on 13 in late December), Prime Minister Stephen Harper was already 13 and still  living in Toronto going to middle school in Etobicoke! Dalton McGuinty was also a teenager at 16!  Former Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader (and hopefully mayoral candidate for the second time) John Tory was sweet 18, off to U of T while at the same time have a job at CFTR (which is now 680 News) and it’s counterpart CHFI. Current Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak was 4 going on 5 in November! Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was approximately 9 years old.  For those who wonder how old I was when City TV was born, I was over 2  1/2 years old!  I even remember my dad playing the song People’s City on the record player in the living room at 8 Lanark Avenue near Eglinton. I was probably 2 1/2 or 3 when he played it.  I showed you a clip from a short movie about Ontario in 1942 and showed how Toronto looked at that time. Now you will see an ever changing Toronto thirty years later and for some who can reminisce the good memories about “Toronto the Good”. I hope the 2010’s will see resurrection of that. Some will say I’m dreaming but I am just being the eternal optomist and damn proud of it.

NOTE:  The CN Tower for most of the Canadian lurkers know was completed in it’s entirety in 1976 and you will see the completed CN Tower in the clip. I’m still convinced that most of the pictures were in ’72, but of course, like anything else has it’s edits and further additions. Enjoy anyway!










Yes, that guy in Cyndi Lauper’s video, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and long time  famous wrestler in what is now known as The WWE (as it was the WWF in those days). I also remember him appearing on an episode of  80’s TV series “227” giving a social conscience message about homelessness. Would have been nice the Captain had several more years to go but the Good Lord had other plans. You will be missed and rest in peace, sir. 

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Give me a break!

black-barbie-cp_260148The nonsense that surround the objections of a “black Barbie” doll line is  just one of those John Stossell, “Give me a break” moments.   Can’t we for once, take out political correctness and obsessions about race and skin tone on a simple thing like dolls and let children, particularly little girls just enjoy a pastime like other women did when they were girls in peace?  There are much more pressing and serious issues today but again radical feminism and collectivist victicrats need to find something trivial as a doll line and make a mountain out of a molehill out of this.