Give me a break!

black-barbie-cp_260148The nonsense that surround the objections of a “black Barbie” doll line is  just one of those John Stossell, “Give me a break” moments.   Can’t we for once, take out political correctness and obsessions about race and skin tone on a simple thing like dolls and let children, particularly little girls just enjoy a pastime like other women did when they were girls in peace?  There are much more pressing and serious issues today but again radical feminism and collectivist victicrats need to find something trivial as a doll line and make a mountain out of a molehill out of this.

One thought on “Give me a break!

  1. i understand that this may be a bit ridiculous, but when it comes to “barbie”, there are a wealth of other issues that come to mind. for instance, as the article mentions– the tiny, sickly waste and the caked on make-up and fashion accessories. that’s what feminists should focus on, and that’s a big concern for me.

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