Intelligent Quote of the Day

10331_269368435467_825345467_8607084_2735451_nIf people are trying to leave the country to find a wife or husband to me that is a crisis not a preference. They are leaving because they have given up on people in the community. I will include myself in this category.

We politicize everything like abortion and same sex relationships and whine how immoral America is when these same people follow… TBN, Benny Hinn (who I think is funny as hell), Creflo Dollar (I am not following anyone named dollar..reminds me of Richie Rich’s dog)and Kenneth Copeland (who owns an airport).

Social conservative thought must evolve to become solution oriented to rebuild our families not rely on old teachings from Jerry Falwell and Herbert [W.] Armstrong.

Detroit-based, “urban conservative” Republican activist Akindele Akinyemi  who has a namesake blog called Akindele Unleashed  talking a lot of sense to fellow conservatives to look in our own backyards when it comes to family values. Boy, he got the part about Herbert W.Armstrong right—BIG TIME!

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