Thank God The National Post will SURVIVE

While I don’t agree with all of what the National Post has to say some of the time, I am glad that the newspaper has found a way to stay alive. For it to fold up and die would be another chaulk up one for the left-of-centre media that is ever so pervasive in Canada and in the United States. The National Post challenges the “ungenerous orthodoxy” of the media left and challenges them really good. I know it is a rough time for all newspapers on this continent and I, for one, am greatly disturbed by it. A free society NEEDS a free press and it is essential that newspapers make people think and frankly I don’t believe they need to dumb things down to soundbites in a proudly nanasecond culture. I dare newspapers in themselves to be “countercultural” in the sense to inspire our intellectual awakenings where the cultural is more than ever before against the mind. I believe the National Post and many other papers have a role in this. I hope the internet will be essential in reforming how we read newspapers. Read on on their plan to survive after all.

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