A disturbing trend indeed

Students in Melissa Cooper's sociology classroom. 
There is only 2 months, yes I said 2 months before we enter the second decade of the 21st century, the 2010’s. As we enter the 2010’s I am looking forward to some radical personal changes in my own life (for the good, of course) and radical changes that will effect the society around me.  When the year 2010 begins I am hoping very zealously that there will be a conflict in the black communities in Canada and the United States. As Shay of Booker Rising suggested we need to create a crisis betwen the Buppies and the Ghettofabulous and believe you me, I am respecting and standing by my Bloggist-In-Chief on that matter. Some may think I am crazy for wishing any type of conflict but I dare to say that I’m just being crazy as a fox! One poster on Booker Rising with the pseudonym of Dragon Horse at one time was suggesting that Social Darwinism wasn’t all that bad.  As one who calls myself a “bleeding heart conservative” in the tradition of the late, great U.S. politician Jack Kemp, I was  mad as hell at that type of suggestion. Well, thank goodness I had time to ponder what Dragon Horse was trying to say. Yes he was blunt (and still is, if you’re looking for the suave George Clooney, look somewhere else) but Dragon Horse was just saying that the successful and productive blacks should survive and triumph over  the blacks who have a perverse defeatist attitude in their world view. Make no mistake, I do believe in helping the most vulnerable in society but by the minute, I am seeing there is absolutely no benefit to society at large  for those who want to abuse the system  in every way possible with no effort in bettering themselves. They want the government in giving them their “welfare, food, housing” or whatever their long or short term benefits” and not providing for their own.  To be blunt, those with a defeatist, “can’t do” attitude (and proud of it) just suck the life of anybody who ever “dreams” of getting ahead in life. Yes, we need to help those vulnerable and struggling who WANT TO BETTER themselves and give them an actual hand-up in achieving their goals. To those who want to make a perverse profession of “milking the system”, it is time for them to receive a very rude and tough awekening, to say the least.

On the U.S.’s NPR (National Public Radio, the PBS of radio actually), there was a segment that middle class black students in high school are falling behind their white counterparts.    These middle class black kids, need to be told that they should be proud of their parent’s hard-earned, hard-won achievements and they should not feel ashamed of walking in their parents footsteps. Also, I wish to see this collectivist  nonsense of what is “authentically black” violently stabbed right in the belly Tarantino-style (yes I am speaking explicit metaphor), which has been the severest impediment to African-Americans and Canadians alike and for black kids to continue this silly and small minded tradition is just another twisted guarentee to the primrose to oblivion. Trust me, I will write a fiery rant about that so-called “authentic blackness” but for now I want to locate to NPR’s segment about this disturbing trend here. May the crisis begin and may the solution win triumphantly.

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