Lighten Up People!

 I saw this on last night which showed from a video clip that had  former Fresh Prince of Bel Air alumni Alfonzo Ribeiro perfroming at a concert and declaring his love for “white chicks” (well hey, he was married to one). Some in cyberspace were definately POed at his statement and I say lighten up.  Nothing was mentioned about degrading black women, he just said white chicks turned him on. It’s a free country, it’s his preference, so leave it be. It’s not the end of the world. Hey, I too like white chicks myself. Yes, there is something about blondes that do turn me on too. At the same time I love my sistas and I am not going to participate in this “who do you REALLY like” or in other words  an “either/or” game.  I just love my woman of all ethnicities equally and differently and just leave it at that. Some won’t leave it at that need to get a REAL life! Alfronzo was just having a good ol’ time doing some rock and roll, rapping 80’s style (and that’s the way it should be) and nothing else should be read into that.


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