Intelligent Quote of The Day

reagan1It’s the borg collective approach to race and politics.

You are black,

Resistance is futile.

You were born to serve us

You will think as a collective not as an individual.

You will champion our causes whether you agree with them or not,

You will defend Democrats with fierce loyalty, and you won’t question what they say as being a lie, half true or true.

If you don’t follow these rules, you will be ostracized from the black collective.

In all seriousness. This is what happens when 90% of blacks support one party, it is just to be expected that all blacks support that are encountered support it was well.

—The controversial, hard-right Republican Tyrone of the blog, Wake Up Black America,  bluntly (and rightly) describes the brutal monolithic mindset in African American politics and the consequences of blacks who dare to challenge it.

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