See the movie, buy the CD of “This Is It” and remember some good music of our time!

This Is ItAmazing what you realize when you lost something. Last week me and my friend finally agreed to see the Michael Jackson documentary “This Is It”. Two thumbs up of course. This past Tuesday, I had to take the day off from work to get dental surgery (dentist’s orders that I needed to relax), well I tried shopping at Zellers (after the surgery) and I seen the CD album of “This Is It”. Had to get it. It was on sale for $16.99.   Yes, in Michael Jackson’s lifetime during his later works (since the 80’s) , I did not understand his eccentricities (and like the rest of the others had a need to satirize it, sometimes harshly) and yes, I was deeply angered at him for the controversy he faced in the early ’90’s which finally resurfaced again in the ’00’s. Rabbi Boteach, Michael’s spiritual advisor was equally frustrated with him at times and had to make a difficult decision to end their relationship because he felt the relationship was in stages of becoming an unhealthy one. No one can argue that Michael Jackson was truly a complex personality but I would also argue in addition that he was one of our genius musicians of our time. He, along with the Beatles will have their music remembered not only for decades but for centuries—along with Mozart and Beethoven. In the movie “This Is It”, Michael was sure a “hard-ass perfectionist” but he got the job done. He knew HOW a concert was to be run. He was bold, innovative and not afraid of creativity to be creative, utilitarianism be damned—you need to see the clips of “Smooth Criminal” and “The Way You Make Me Feel” in the movie to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Absolute perfection! Many have known that I have been critical of the music of past 20 years (the 90’s and especially this ending decade of the 2000’s). The 2000’s have not produced anyone whom I can think of to rival Michael Jackson (music-wise, of course). Yes the 2000s will be remember for producing “the boy bands” and “pop tart”. Nothing will be remembered for the music. Will today’s young musicians ever a learn a thing from Michael Jackson? One friend posted to me recently, “I  do not think today[‘]s music stars will ever get it. To me, the sound is comparable to consumption of Big Macs. Not much orginiality…just the same old tired rubbish that todays generation seem to accept[.]” I cannot disagree. On the other hand, I am hoping the 2010s (which is beginning less than two months from now) will be revolutionary and radically different. Mind you kids who were born in 2000 onward will be teenagers in 2013, their tastes WILL be different than the Yers. I only pray, hope and have good dose of eternal optomism that there tastes will not only be different  but very good. In Canada, “This Is It” the CD is number 1 in sales. Are the seeds being planted for the 2010s by this? I sure hope so.

Also along with my newfound postem-mortem respect for Michael Jackson,I strongly appreciated that in the movie during the clip for The Earth Song, that he recognized human beings as an essential, integral and important part of the environment.  Unlike certain radical environmentalists, they believe human beings are a malignant cancer to the environment. The less humans OR even NO humans would be great is the mentality of some these radical environmentalists. At least the late great Michael Jackson, was in the category of a “mainstream environmentalist” and this I truly give thanks.

I encourage all, interested in very good music, creativity and imagination in action to see the “This Is It” movie before the American Thanksgiving weekend and most definately get the CD to remember how music should be done.

I left some clips from youtube below. Some of my favourites I have here is “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” (I dare Britney to remake this and do better) and “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)”. These two songs are on the “This Is It” album. Enjoy everybody!


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