Haydain Neale



A very incredibly sad day in Canadian music and music in general. While I remember the decade of the 2000’s as “fast food” manufactured music, a man by the name Haydain Neale kindly made an oasis in a sea of what I call the musical garbage that pervades today. This lead singer of the group called Jacksoul was a leader, not a follower when it came to music.  After recovering from a car accident in 2007 and a private battle with lung cancer which began a few months ago this year which ended in the way least expected from of all of us on a Monday night with his family at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto at age 39 (an age which I share), another album which will sadly be his last as lead singer of Jacksoul, will be released on the first of December. May it truly be his last hurrah and another great contribution to Canadian music. Rest in peace, sir and sing before the Lord with a cheerful voice!

Here are a couple video clips of this great music.

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