Sarah Palin—STFU!!!

Governor Palin, you know little to nothing about the dynamic, history and culture of Canada. Oh yes, please cut the crass cowgirl BS talk that you can see “Yukon across your house!” That is NOT ENOUGH! With your assertion on how to run Canadian health care, was an imperialistic, arrogant and in my books you have become an “Ugly American” (you may be physically attractive externally, I won’t deny that, but inside your Ugly Americanism reeks internally). Former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle was more gracious in  respecting our health care system but kindly asserted the case that our system was not for his home country, the U.S.  Actually, I take strong exception when people make comparisons to former Vice President Quayle and former Governor Palin. The comparison is simply lazy and careless to say the least. Quayle was (and is) way more smarter and wasn’t the dummy that the media left made him out be, but I digress and that is another story for another time. Conservatives in Canada, like in Europe have made peace with a public option. In Britain, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had no hang up with it. Her fiercest disciple in the province of Ontario, former Premier Mike Harris made peace with it and trust me as a resident of this province, you do not get any more right-wing than Mike Harris (he wasn’t nicknamed Mr.Slash and Burn just for show either). Everyone knows that our system is not perfect but at the same time it has helped millions of Canadians from all walks of life. Canadians are open to more access with private care but still want our public option side by side. This of course will enrage the ideological hard-left here in Canada but I think a parallel system would force the public option to compete and correct it’s faults. Competition is not a bad word.  No sane and compassionate Canadian desires the radical dog-eat-dog mentality what the U.S. currently face with several millions uninsured. I am glad that there are sane Republicans like David Frum (a fellow Canadian from my hometown of Toronto), Reihan Salam (author of Grand New Party fame) and even Ben Stein (actor, lawyer, former advisor to Nixon) who are proposing solutions.  Mitt Romney even had mandatory health insurance (where everybody must purchase health insurance) in Massachusetts during his governorship. The point is that the sane and intelligent Republicans want solutions crafted and explored, they are not lambasting, putting down a health care system of a country they don’t like because of rigid political ideological leanings and ranting to the rooftop to preserve the status quo when everybody else has the heart and the head to realize it is not working. Time for Sarah Palin to get on board. I am brutally skeptical she won’t. The other option for her is to STFU!

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