Intelligent Quote of the Day

 [W]hy when someone talks about the environment, mental health, domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, quality healthcare, affordable car insurance, celebrating your culture, diversity and international issues are considered liberal talking points? What the hell is so liberal about improving your quality of life in your community and the people around you?
—The amazing and intelligent Akindele Akinyemi talking sense as always and challenging his fellow conservatives to think outside the box for a change! Kick ass Mr.A!

One thought on “Intelligent Quote of the Day

  1. Good point Mr. Akeinyemi, I will tell you why it is considered “liberal talking points.” Because they have hijacked those issues and created the language that we use when talking about those issues. If you create the language, you own the argument. Did you notice every word you used from “domestic violence” to “diversity” is actually a PC word created by the liberal elite? Before it was just wife beating or knowing your heritage. Now it is something else entirely. The sad part is within the context of let’s say domestic violence, groups of people are still left out. Men, for instance, have you seen any shelters for battered men? No, but they do exist, especially in gay relationships. They have shaped it so only women can be victims and only men can be prepetrators. This is what is wrong with the liberal mentality-it is exclusionary. The point is they became “liberal talking points” because we allowed it to become a “liberal” issue instead of being a human issue. It also doesn’t help that we have fiscal conservatives telling social conservatives to back off from these issues and only concentrate on getting our economy back on track. It won’t matter if we have a good economy, if our moral base keeps slipping and sliding. Some people just don’t understand that though. But I think you are right, we need to stop the infighting and take on these issues, the conservative movement will fail if we don’t stick together for the common good of all. God bless you.

    P.S. I wrote a little blurb about you on my blog, Mr. Akinyemi. You can read it at

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