Happy New Year and Happy New Decade to ALL!!! Lot’s have happened!


It has been a while since I posted and it is truly a new year and decade. In these seven days of the New Year LOTS has happened internationally and locally. Right now, I am trying to deal with the recent decision of  John Tory of not entering the race for mayor of Toronto. Agan, the dynamic of the mayoral race has changed. It is my hope that my fellow friend Councillor Rob Ford and Councillor Michael Thompson are seriously considering their options. Toronto is in desperate need of a right of centre or centre-right canidate for mayor after 7 years of socialist misrule at City Hall. These men can provide that alternative. If not, I might as well get behind Rocco Rossi if these two men don’t enter the race. At least 2010 will prove an interesting year politically and not just in Toronto. I hope to discuss the my hope for the year 2010, the new decade 2010’s and my hatred of the decade we just came out 7 days ago, the decade from hell: the 2000’s. Stay tuned…

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