A Give Me A Break Moment

Oliver Stone

Movie Director Oliver Stone asserts that Hitler “is an easy scapegoat”. Mr.Stone, “Brotha please!” Your moral relativism has this time gone off the deep end. This is no wonder why I get upset when both far-right purists or liberals themselves who want to paint me as a liberal and say I should be proud of it.  You can call me  a   Mid-20th Century Classic Liberal (in the tradition of Roosevelt, Truman, John and Bobby Kennedy) but NONE of the COUNTERCULTURAL MCGOVERNICKS (with apologies to Newt Gingrich) that took root in the U.S. Democratic party in the early ’70s. Anybody who has the balls who believes in the simple concept of “good is good and bad is bad” and rejects this moral relativistic crap  knows that Adolf Hitler and pathetic, wretched and weazel band of Nazis deserves the evil reputation that they brought upon their miserable selves of an existence. We all know Hitler’s orgasmic hatred of Jews but let us remember his non-fondness of blacks as well.  I wish I could use the Jesse Owens’ incident at the ’36 Olympics but in ’76, Mr. Owens set some facts straight on CBC radio but at least I found this on the internet of Hitler’s Black Victims and also one man’s story of growing up as a biracial in Hitler’s Germany. Hitler was an easy scapegoat?  I don’t think so. Mr.Stone, do you know that denial is a river in Egypt?  There are some stories that only deserve ONE side and sad to say (for you that is) Hitler’s is one of them. Deal with it.  Mr. Stone, give me a break.

One thought on “A Give Me A Break Moment

  1. One line I like from the movie the Jesse Owens story. An African-American auditor is grilling Jesse on why he endorsed Alf Landon in 1936 over FDR. Jesse replied: “There was a lot of outrage over Adolf Hitler refusing to shake my hand. But when I returned to the United States, President Roosevelt didn’t shake my hand. Governor Landon did.”

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