Fit babe of the day: Miss Prestin



This lovely Canadian beauty, Laura Michelle Prestin (commonly known as Miss Prestin)who also turned a big milestone in her life (the big 2-5 this past Friday), makes darn sure she’s seen everywhere. This fellow Aquarian was one of the three finalists in the Miss CHIN bikini contest back in 2007 (thank God I was there and took her picture as she blew kisses to many and I hope to share those photos here in the very near future). She has appeared in American Curves, the sexy calendar Construction Chicks, has her own personal calendar  and in Inside Fitness Magazine Hot & Fit 100 she was number 2! Not bad in my books, she was very close to number 1!  Likes to run, skip a rope (or at least try) and making a front flip. A brainy girl at school back in the day but played competitive soccer. Miss Prestin seems she always has a lot going for her.  Also check her out  on  her site!

2 thoughts on “Fit babe of the day: Miss Prestin

  1. She’s my role model. I started exercising after I saw her. I actually decided to have breast implants too after I saw the result she had at Edelstein Cosmetic and I’m glad I did it because it was a boost of confidence I really needed.

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