Now I’m in “The 40s Club!”

Me at age 40 (and one week) with my friends Chris (who will turn 43 in March) and Ron (who turns 46 this February) at AMC 30 Theatre in Vaughn, Ontario on Saturday night seeing Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness (Mel still has the “Don’t f— with me!” attitude after all these years). My friend Joe, who took the picture is 42 (will be 43 this coming December).

A week ago on Sunday, a major milestone took place in my life. January 24th marked the beginning of not only a new age but a new decade in my life, the big 4-0! It was a very strange feeling and was amazed of how far I came in my life. It also felt like that half of my life is over because another 40 years from I will be 80 years old (and it is my hope that I do see 80 and be healthy too). Also, for better or worse (take your pick), did not become or even look like Ward Cleaver and I am not ready for a wheelchair (as I once thought as a child).  During my thirties I had to struggle with obesity and high blood pressure and had to fight hard with both of them to get it under control, or else! 2006, at 36 I discovered a community centre gym that only required  $100 a year membership and never looked back. For over a year and half back in 2007, I scaled down from 245 lbs. to  appoximately 205 lbs. When I was hired into the employ of The Home Depot later that year, it required me to come half an hour earlier to the shift than I was temp. That changed everything. I did not go the gym much (and still struggle trying to balance the schedule but that’s another post) to make a long story short, the weight gained back in bloody no time. The family doctor sent me to a clinic to be on a diet in April 2009 and have scaled from 245 lbs. to currently around 210 lbs.  I will just say I am close to my target.  I am determined that in my 40’s I will get my weight and high blood pressure under control for final determined time. Naysayers and those who feel a snarky contrarian comment to my goals can go to hell (and stay there)! My dad in his 40’s had over 4 pills to deal with his high blood pressure, I know my dad is daring me to to do better (actually he told me that his blood pressure is a way down in a quarter century, praise God)!I am flattered when an old schoolmates and others are saying  I look good for my age. I am also going to try to bodybuild in the process. Yes, you heard right, bodybuilding. I may be getting older but I am planning to get better in all aspects of my life. I am hoping, planning and praying hard that the next 40 years of my life will be much more happier, exciting and more accomplished than the first 40 years of my life, which were a time of testing.  Among other things that I hope to achieve in my new life decade is  a successful romance (I hope I will be married by 45), own my own home (a condominium or townhouse will do), a career change (something that will involve writing but I can make a decent living off) and maybe, just maybe—just pardon the ambition to some people (who feel a sick need to be a naysayer) to be a minister of the Crown  in future Ontario Premier Tim Hudak’s cabinet. You get the idea, I plan in my 40’s to kick a lot of ass!

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