Pat still needs a history lesson about Haiti

Not too long ago on my other blog which discusses theology and spirituality, My Own Generous Orthodoxy, I came down very harsh on Pat Robertson and his silly comments about Haiti. I was so disgusted and mad as hell, I even cheered on an atheist’s rebuke of Robertson. Have I mellowed my strong feelings on Pat Roberson? Not really. In my blog posts, I even suggested that Robertson read Lawrence Harrison’s book The Central Liberal Truth which talks about the island of Hispanolia which has the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic just for once to base on what he says on some good, hard, calculated FACTS and for goodness sakes to save himself the embarrassment from talking where the sun don’t shine but unfortunately that ship has sailed. Am I done with Pat Robertson??? Not a blinkin’ chance brother! Sir Hilary Beckles, pro-vice-chancellor and Principal of the Cave Hill Campus, UWI (University of the West Indies) has a blog post from the Barbados-based discussing the history of Haiti after their slave revolt in 1804. Life wasn’t easy street and faced many, many pressures with life on their own. What Robertson doesn’t understand not everybody in the white European nations were not fond of a liberated black nation on the scene and to say that was of no consequence is akin to burying one’s head in the sand. Read Sir Hilary’s piece here.  I want to end on an optomistic note by saying with the recent tragedy in Haiti, it is my prayer and hope some good comes out of this. Do they need some kind of a post WWII Marshall Plan? I’d be for it, if it was planned and executed in highly organized way to make it work effectively. If it works, it is time for U.S. President Obama to finally drop the Cuban embargo (trust me both Castros will tremble) to send a strong message that the time for prosperity in the Carribean is way too long overdue. Do I want a spiritual revival in that country? You bet! I know this will be heated for some people and because of that I am going to show a clip of TVOntario’s current affairs program The Agenda on another post several hours from now in which the author of The Central Liberal Truth, Lawrence Harrison explains on the program  in more clinical and anylitical detail the reason he wishes for a spiritual revival.

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