Notes and Clips

This is a surpise about Adam Giambrone.  I had no idea, an NDP-sensitive type guy had it in him to have an affair. With Giambrone’s emotional departure from the Toronto mayor’s race, it is now the three bigwigs of Smitherman, Rossi and Pantelone. I wish to see Rob Ford enter the race but a certain columnist from The Globe and Mail says that Ford’s chances are “realistically small”. If there is a Loving God on His Throne, I hope that Rob Ford does make up his mind and run and proves this man’s Khafkaesque wish that Rob Ford will lose, DEAD WRONG! Rob Ford, whether you like him or not, maybe the last hope for Toronto. On 10 years on City Council he has seen government waste that you have never seen and seems to give a crap to do something about it effectively.

It seems that there is a Second Coming of ’80’s rock star Joan Jett. This Friday I am definately playing one of her golden oldies and will definately do some drooling over this sexy but tough chick. This spring she will be incarnated by none other than Twilight star, Kristen Stewart in a movie  that will touch upon her 70’s group  The Runaways (not her 80’s group The Blackhearts). Here’s a sample trailer.

Also kudos to U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama who is on a mission to tackle childhood obesity. It is an epidemic in North America and we all have to declare war on it. Failure to do so will be a drain on the health care systems and a generation of children who will die before their parents. As for one who has battled with the up the and down with weight since my 20’s and have had to battle obesity in my 30’s, it is no picnic. I am currently around 210 lbs. but plan to go down a little more (maybe 190 lbs.) and with the might of God keep it damn off for the rest of my 40’s and beyond! May Mrs.Obama’s crusade against childhood obesity be a successful one. Here is the White House clip with President Obama signing an executive order making his wife leading this task force.

It seems like there is a double standard going on. Ontario Premier will   prorogue the legislature but when Prime Minister Stephen Harper does it, he’s a dictator and is threatening our democracy. Yes, Prime Minister Harper is described from one of his former cabinet ministers as a “hardass”. He may be respected and admired but not loved. He sometimes “shoots himself in the foot” but this is still no reason for the double standard that it is okay for McGuinty  but not okay for Harper to prorogue an elected assembly. It is known fact that Harper’s predecessors Chretein and Martin prorogued Parliament many times but there was no screaming and whining from the MSM (the mainstream media). Go figure.

Are you ready for  Vancouver 2010? I say GO CANADA and make the world proud as The Winter Olympics begins this Friday. To top it off, her is the song called “I Believe” by Nikki Yanofsky.

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