Right on David Frum!!!

It is strange of what a difference a decade (or two for that matter) makes. You can really hate somebody one decade and the next decade you can embrace  them with open arms. Yes,  I am talking about my fellow Canadian (and Torontonian as well) David Frum who is well known on my side of the border for being son the late great Barbara Frum of CBC’s now defunct The Journal. David has become a successful journalist, columnist and author in his own right. I have bought his latest book in paperback called Comeback. I cannot wait for his next book which is tenatively called The Next Republican President. I did meet David Frum briefly in London, Ontario in 1994 at a provincial Progressive Conservative Party convention. Though I did have that “Rihanna-Jay Z” type of tension, I remained a polite Canadian in my brief conversation with Mr. Frum asserting my belief that the North American conservative movement needed to be mindful of the vulnerable with deficit cost-cutting, while he reminded me that my political heroes  like the late great Jack Kemp and Bill Bennett  were jumping on the bandwagon. Step ahead to the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. As I said, I have bought and read a great portion of his book Comeback and liked what was said, especially what he said about universal healthcare in the United States, boldly stating that it was time for the Republicans to STOP defending the undefensible when it comes to healthcare and should look to what Mitt Romney’s health care plan in Massachusettes as a model for solutions. This is not of American conservative orthodoxy but I was glad that a bill to include millions of more Americans access to health care. The U.S. is the last country in the industrial world to have universal access to health care. Even conservative politicos in these western industrialized countries have made peace with the concept. Now it’s time for American conservatives to do the same. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher  made peace with the NHS (she wanted to radically reform it,as opposed of abolishing it) and former Ontario Premier of Ontario Mike Harris increased health care spending in the province during his tenure as premier (1995-2002). For those ideological purists who live in an academic vaccum and  who prefer to bicker and argue the petty fine points that Mike Harris wasn’t a real conservative need to STFU. Ontario’s been my home province since I was born 40 years ago. Mike Harris is as close to an American Republican you can get (maybe Prime Minister Harper  might qualify as a close second but I have met Mike Harris  on a few occasions, a cross between Dr.Manhattan of The Watchmen and hard-line ancient ultra conservative 1st century Jewish Rabbi Shammai) . Let my fellow Canadian readers understand, Mike Harris was no Bill Davis Tory and was rock hard c–kproud of it! He cut welfare rates, fought public sector unions, cut taxes by 30% and tried to cut government bureaucracy and waste (something that I really liked about him but he was no Jack Kemp) but that’s neither here nor there. Point being is what I just said a moment ago that conservatives in these industrialized western countries other than the U.S.  whether they were from the centrist school or hard right school of conservativism, did make peace with the concept of universal health care and David Frum is exactly right and correct that the recent bill should not in anyway be repealed but amended and fine-tuned into a better bill. Mr. Frum explains eloquently on the April 1st episodes of The Colbert Report why that it is a very bad idea—or a fantasy to repeal the health care bill. Now is the time for the U.S.Republican party to stop screaming, “Marxism”, “Socialism (as I have said before if you want to know what socialism is about go to Toronto City Hall–I hope and pray a Rob Ford Mayorship fixes that)” or one of my all time favourites (NOT!) that “it is the end of capitalism, freedom and liberty in the United States of America!” and for starters of using their heads (instead of their guts) on what solutions and alternatives are there for Americans so that every single American can get possibly insured. It is time to be optomistic like “it’s morning in America” again. Do you want to be relevant or do you just want to govern for the sake of it?  If it’s latter instead of the former, may you be in opposition benches for many years to come. If you an American viewer, you get the episode here ( I can’t because I’m a Canadian resident)but my fellow Canadian viewers can see the episode by clicking here, courtesy from The Comedy Network.

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