You think I’m done about the GOP purges???


Think again. I am only just beginning. Read longtime Chris Currey’s “read ’em and weep” story on FrumForum. Frankly if the U.S. Republican Party wants to continue on the road of celebrating stupidity and being poorly informed (think Sarah Palin), exclusion (that visible minorities like African Americans, Latinos, Asians, women and centrists take a back seat and shut up while the neo-Pharisaic white male establishment drives), religious and market fanaticism (obsessing about gay marriage,enforcing “covenant” marriage, abstinence only  cirriculums in schools, creationism—a so-called intelligent design cirriculum and a belief that the marketplace solves all our problems and if you disagree you’re a godless socialist), stomping people into jelly if they disagree with them (even on the most minute small points)  and pandering to fear (such asserting that the Teabaggers are always right and you are always wrong), as New York Times columnist David Brooks suggested that it is time for a “sane Ross Perot-type party”.  That type of party couldn’t come soon enough to bloody chew up and mercilessly  eat  up this regressive and reactionary dinosaur of a party for breakfeast, lunch and dinner. Then, and only then a new progressive conservative party for America can contribute to a 21st century renewal of that great republic.

Here are the first paragraphs of Mr.Currey’s brilliant post:

I am an old Republican. I am religious, yet not a fanatic. I am a free-marketer; yet, I believe in the role of the government as a fair evenhanded referee. I am socially conservative; yet, I believe that my lesbian niece and my gay grandchild should have the full protection of the law and live as free Americans enjoying every aspect of our society with no prejudices and/or restrictions. Nowadays, my political and socio-economic profile would make me a Marxist, not a Republican.

I grew up in an era where William F. Buckley fought the John Birch society and kicked them out of the Republican Party. I grew up with -– in fact voted for the first time for –- Eisenhower. In 1956, he ran a campaign of dignity. A campaign that acknowledged that there are certain projects better suited to be handled by the government. See, business thinks in the short term, as he said. That’s the imperative of the marketplace. I invest and I expect that in a few quarters, I garner the fruits of my investment. Government, on the other hand, has the luxury to wait a few years, maybe decades, for a return on a given investment. As a former businessman, I know that first hand. Am I a Marxist for thinking that?

Sadly the Limbaughs, Coulters and Becks believe you are. Sadly, it is of no use explaining to them otherwise but that’s okay. It is my hope and prayer that sane Republicans like you will “join the movement”.

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