Intelligent Quote of The Day

Why the hell do some Black conservatives have an issue with Kwanzaa every year? I swear every single year you hear someone like Jesse Lee Peterson get on TV denouncing Kwanzaa. Do they denounce St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, or Presidents Day? Then Black conservatives do the same thing with Black History Month. Can Blacks in America just celebrate culture and history in peace?

Akindele Akinyemi Detroit`s sane voice of black conservatism, boldly and rightly condemning the sheepish mentality of  some in the black conservative movement who feel a need to rail against Kwanzaa (because of it`s alleged Marxist roots) and Black History Month to appease some of the more harder line provincial minded white conservatives who seek to have little to no interest of other stories of American history.

Intelligent Quote of The Day

America is the world’s only hope for a bright future. Yes. I mean that. Yes, I know you live in another country and your country is cool, too. But, America is the only Superpower. There are no others. And that means, the world is a better place. Because if Nazi Germany or Communist Russia were the only superpowers, we would all be either dead or forced to live under their regimes. America is not interested in ruling your country. If you think it does, smoking crack may be your answer.

I wasn’t born here. But, I have a love for this country and its people that knows no bounds. I will forever be grateful to America for going into World War II, when it had nothing to gain, in a country that was far away…and rescued my Mother from the Nazi German Concentration Camps.

She is alive and I am alive because of America. And, if you have a problem with America, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME.

—KISS lead singer, Gene Simmons April 17,2003 confronting anti-war liberals and their “blame America first” mentality.



Another new name,hopefully with another new start!

Since I started blogging in 2005 on, I have started with a title called, The Way I See It—then I added The Way I See It Anyway when I moved to—then the Independent Thinker. I was trying to get another blog started called Conscience of a Progressive Conservative (sort of a tribute to the late great Jack Kemp) but didn’t get it off the ground. In October this blog site was briefly called The No Wingnut Zone, sort of a tribute to John Avlon’s book Wingnuts where he attacks both the excesses of the left and right wing in U.S. I am a radical centrist who leans to conservatism.  I do not like the social Darwinism nor do I like the self-righteousness of the religious right that does infect conservatism and the movement itself. In the 1990’s,  I thought fellow Canadian conservative columnist David Frum was let’s say,”extreme”—I did have the opportunity of meeting him at an Ontario Progressive Conservative Party convention back in ’94 when I was much younger—my mid 20s. As a Canadian, I was “polite” in my brief discussion with him anyway. In the late 2000’s with his book called Comeback:Conservatism that Can Win Again, I began to have a newfound respect for David Frum that I never had before. I want to be an another addition where conservatism can be rationally discussed where people who disagree are opponents, not sworn enemies of evil. I believe, like David Frum, there is a smarter way to debate that the policies of U.S. President Barack Obama have negative consequences for America and this does not include nutty birther nor secret Muslim conspiracies. I also believe that those in the conservative movement who want to form governments in municipal, state,provincial and federal jurisdictions in North America—we all have to learn to start in knowing how to govern. Dismantling government and then saying, “See it doesn’t work!”—is so passe and deserves to be thrown in the ash heap of history. A good friend of mine whom I have known for 14 years  is now Mayor of the City of Toronto (good ol’ Rob Ford) for nearly half a month is proving that as a conservative, you need to need to govern and provide solutions when governing (and I do pray that he is “The Subway Mayor”). More about Mayor Rob on another post except to say that Toronto has entered the era of “No Games Ford” and that’s a beautiful thing. So in a tribute to David Frum and a move for a more intellectual discussion for conservatism, I now hereby call this blog, “Taylor Topics”—but we will also have fun here too. I hope to post some of my golden oldies videos (The ’80s) and yes, The Babe of The Month will be back (oh yes, sorry radical feminists). I am determined to have this blog going again and pressing the goal to only get bigger and better. Stay tuned.