2010: My Disappointment with Obama

The year 2010 was my season of disappointment of U.S. President Barack Obama. I found some clips to verify my disappointment. Each had the theme of ’70’s TV show “Welcome Back Kotter” but if you watch each clip it supposed to be “Welcome Back Carter” as in former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981). I do believe that President Obama is in danger of being a one-term president like Carter but to be honest, 2011 and 2012 (though they are a year apart) is a long time in politics and a lot can happen. He might be able to pull a second term off, if there is no formidable challenger on the horizon on the Republican side. I do like former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who seems to have a Reagan foreign policy and a Clinton domestic policy but Shay of Booker Rising almost gleeful reminds me that he is not electable because of  his social conservatism. Mitt Romney? A little to smarmy for me but I think he would be a competent president. Sarah Palin?  You’all know how I feel about her.  If President Obama can swallow his pride and embrace Clintonism, does the best he can in working with Speaker Boehner (trust me I am not much of a fan of him either, I like Paul Ryan better) maybe my season of disappointment may end but we’ll see…

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