An excellent speech from President Obama

This is one of the best speeches of U.S. President Obama of his presidency. Some people have complained that this was a “pep speech”  than a solemn memorial service. After the tragedy in Tucson resulting in an assassination attempt of a U.S. Congresswoman (who at this moment is trying to recover from her wounds), six people killed and many others wounded by a crazed gunman at a meet and greet at a local grocery store, the residents of that community that have been bombarded with sorrow and grief need a Commander-In-Chief to rally to the troops to victory. President Obama’s speech was a celebration of each and every life of the six victims that were brutally cut by an assassin’s bullet and a celebration of the beginning of a long and possibly difficult  road to recovery of  wounded Congresswoman, Mrs. Debbie Giffords.  Some will point out that on my blog, I  had a few days ago mentioned that last year was the season of disappointment of President Obama and had found some Youtube satire to confirm it.  My concerns about how U.S. Presdient Obama will lead the United States still remain but this is the time to support a leader who needs to comfort a country that has gone through some disturbing events the past few days. I have been disgusted and angered  (almost to the point of flipping a table or banging my fist on one)at the finger pointing from those both on the left and right. They have not learned a thing whatsoever and this childish, “I’m right, you’re wrong” game seem all important to them . We should have talks about dealing with mental illness and how those who don’t deserve guns, shouldn’t get guns. Some will say that this is an attempt to nibble at the Second Amendment of The Bill Rights. My response is, “Get out of la-la land and into reality!”  In this age of American hyper-partisanism, probably it is time to recognize that those in a political party are not the sum total of their humanity. It would be refreshing that  out of this tragedy, the American people can start a positive movement of looking at other Americans beyond labels. Only time will tell.


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