Money For Nothing on Taylor Topics—DEAL WITH IT!

I give my kudos and praise to fellow Canadian radio stations like CIRK-FM in Edmonton and CFRQ-FM in Halifax for not submitting to political correctness. One friend said it very plain, “One complaint out of 34 million people on a 25 year old song. I thought we lived in a democracy.” Another friend made a brilliant quote, “Free societies punish deeds, not words.” Even Liberal MP Scott Brison (who is openly gay), had his two cents about it:I’m not straight, but I like Dire Straits,” Brison said. “I don’t like the word ‘faggot,’ but in music or literature there’s a context within which language is used. 

“If somebody is offended by this song, turn it off. I’m not really offended by it, but then again, I’ve been in politics for 14 years so my skin’s so thick I don’t even use sunscreen.”

Good advice.

Dire Straits song Money For Nothing was a part of my upbringing as a teenager in the ’80’s and I am proud of it. The Canadian Broadcasting Standard Council can’t take that away. Deal with it.

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