Kudos to The King’s Speech!

I highly recommend the movie The King’s Speech and loved the message of the film. I can relate to Queen Elizabeth II’s dad, King George VI. At age 12, I began to stammer (still do from time to time but not so much when I was young). Unlike His Late Royal Majesty, I do enjoy public speaking when given the chance.  My mind is more faster than my speech and at times it can be be difficult balance and when under extreme stress that is all the more the challenge. I eventually appreciated the fact that Colin Firth who played King George VI won the Oscar for Best Actor. I was really hoping for Geoffrey Rush to win Best Supporting Actor but my second choice Christian Bale won instead for The Fighter (which I thought he played a decent part in that movie himself). At least Mr.Rush did won an Oscar in 1996’s Shine. To celebrate the movies win for Best Picture, I have the ending clip from The King’s Speech and the REAL King’s Speech—the actual one given from His Late Royal Majesty King George VI.


Happy 100 President Reagan!

One of my teenage heroes back in the 1980’s—I even did voice impersonations of that man—that’s how much I loved that man! Is he still one of my favourite U.S. Presidents? Yes he is!  Do I believe he was the perfect president? NO!  Do I believe could he have done things differently for the better? Yes! Do I believe that he was the right man for the right time? A definite absolute YES! It is my conclusion that when a leftist mockingly and rigidly believes that Reagan did no right or did no good, he (or she) loses the respect of the argument. I believe at the same time when a rightist believes that Reagan was the perfect president, he did everything was right and every decision that he made was from the right hand of God, that person also loses respect of the argument. My friend James Pate, who is now “post-conservative” in his political worldview (and I say there is NOTHING wrong with that) elaborates on the fact that Reagan was human being with flaws like anyone else in his blog post here.  For liberals to make Reagan a demon and for conservatives to make Reagan a pure angel does not serve an honest assessment of American history very well. I still have firm, unyielding and unshakable respect for a man who presided over a country that was losing it’s confidence as leading force for good in the world when he first took office and restored it by the end of the presidency which included the liberation of many of those in the Eastern-bloc Communist led countries and drove the last nail in the spike against the former Soviet Union. Millions of people in these countries give Reagan thanks. It’s time we do the same thing North America, not as a matter of worship of Reagan but of simple basic respect of the man. We’d be better people for it.  Here’s a clip from Reagan’s first inauguration in 1981. Enjoy.