Kudos to The King’s Speech!

I highly recommend the movie The King’s Speech and loved the message of the film. I can relate to Queen Elizabeth II’s dad, King George VI. At age 12, I began to stammer (still do from time to time but not so much when I was young). Unlike His Late Royal Majesty, I do enjoy public speaking when given the chance.  My mind is more faster than my speech and at times it can be be difficult balance and when under extreme stress that is all the more the challenge. I eventually appreciated the fact that Colin Firth who played King George VI won the Oscar for Best Actor. I was really hoping for Geoffrey Rush to win Best Supporting Actor but my second choice Christian Bale won instead for The Fighter (which I thought he played a decent part in that movie himself). At least Mr.Rush did won an Oscar in 1996’s Shine. To celebrate the movies win for Best Picture, I have the ending clip from The King’s Speech and the REAL King’s Speech—the actual one given from His Late Royal Majesty King George VI.


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