Fit Babe of The Month of March: Miss buns-like-that Larissa Reis

My love for hard-bodied women with firm hard glutes is still hard-wired in my brain. Women like that always bring out the beast in me and love it! The latest sexy lady is Brazillian-born, Las Vegas-based Larrisa Reis. You can find more information as well as pictures of her on the Vitrex model team site, her fanpage on Facebook, her own website and her site on Feast away gents!

Birthday: May 21, 1979

Sign: Gemini

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 135 pre contest

Heritage: Dutch, Portuguese

Born: Brasilia, DF Brazil

Resides: Las Vegas, NV

Speaks: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Education:Tourism and hotels management (Source: Vitrex model team website)

Ronald Reagan GOT IT! Obama DOESN’T GET IT!

In light of the crisis in Libya, U.S. President Obama doesn’t get it. Another story of one president who went to one of the prestigious universities in the land but lacks any common sense when it comes to dealing with the world at large and another president who may have not came from a prestigious university but had a lot of wisdom in how the world works and how evil must be confronted, not appeased. Ronald Reagan did not need a degree of any kind to know that people over the world desire the same thing all other humans do: freedom.  Sit back and enjoy Ronald Reagan’s endorsement of 1964 Republican U.S. presidential candidate Barry Goldwater called “A Time For Choosing”.


Intelligent Quote of The Day

In Japan, in the midst of hell, there are no riots, no looting, not even any price gouging! In Wisconsin the people are acting like spoiled brats and much worse. Send them to Japan for some lessons in how to be human, much less pulling together as a nation in crisis. Makes a person ashamed to be associated with them.

—Nathan, giving his two cents comparing the tragedies and Japan and the recent teacher strike uprising in the state of Wisconsin

Intelligent Quote of The Day


It’s pathetic shame that our media and the keyboard warriors of the press don’t allow as much face time to our domestic problems as in Lybia and Egypt. Why are they not up on some of those First Nation Reserves where our Aboriginal brothers and sisters are living in squalor. How is this happening in democratic rich nations such as Canada and United States.I guess this isn’t big enough news.

—Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010 broadcaster Spider Jones making the case that charity begins at home