That’s The Way Uh-Uh I Like It!

I am very pleased with the federal election results. In a nutshell, Canadians voted for a Harper government (majority) and a Layton official opposition. No more minority governments under the gun of a motion of non-confidence. Canadians will have 4 years of a stable government, only to return to the polls sometime in 2015.  I am extremely pleased that the separatist party The Bloc Quebecois has been decimated to 4 seats. This may not have totally obliterated Quebec separatism entirely because it’s provincial counterpart The Parti Quebecois may form a government in La Belle province as early as next year. Nevertheless, it is my prayer that Quebec separatism will be hit with an another roadblock because of the setback on the federal level. I begrudgingly congratulate Green Party leader Elizabeth May on winning a seat in the House of Commons. Though, I liked her predecessor Jim Harris better, I must respect her tenacity to finally get her party represented in Parliament for the first time in Canadian history. I also give kudos for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff for giving a gracious speech during the agony of defeat. For the first time in Canadian history the Liberal Party is neither the government nor the offical opposition but the third party. For the next 4 years, the Liberal Party of Canada will go for some serious and major soul searching as a political entity in Canadian politics. Some even question will it merge with the NDP, thus creating an American style two party system. Frankly, I do not want that kind of dualism that has produced serious dysfunction in the U.S. political system  imported here in Canada. I have argued it is time for the United States to have a radical centrist third party on the horizon to destroy this long cherished and obsessed dualism that has only served those who have a stake in the system. Anyone who is going to say the next session of The Canadian House of Commons is going to be boring, brace yourself for the shock of your life. It will be exciting, maybe polarizing for some but it will force the Canadian people to think about the political system as opposed to be bullheadedly apathetic towards it. What I want in a Stephen Harper majority Conservative government is definitely as a goal to finally wipe out our deficit, make us a more competitive country in the global market, allow conditions to create an historic and unprecedented number of entrepreneurs that Canada has never seen since Confederation. In other words, Canada will produce MAKERS, not TAKERS (as evidenced that our civil service bureaucracy is bloating). The CRTC’s stranglehold on every facet of communication should be lifted and the CBC should be encouraged to raise private funds (my fellow neo-conservatives want total privatization, I’ll go for public-private co-operation with private being a little more dominant). With saying that, I still believe that Canada needs a safety net but a limited one. Health care is one of those and I am glad that Jack Layton is the leader of the official opposition to make that case and to ensure that any Social Darwinist tendencies Harper may have will be seriously frustrated and roadblocked definitely. I am very happy that my good friend for over 15 years Rob Ford is Mayor of Toronto and I congratulate Mayor Rob for his part in a Harper victory. This October in the province of Ontario, Tim Hudak is taking his turn. Toronto and Ontario have been through some dark times. May the light come at the end of tunnel.

Oh yes, I had to have a celebration with non other than KC and The Sunshine Band’s That’s The Way I Like It!