Intelligent Quote of The Day

“This city is not a group of downtowners who think it is really trendy to wear rainbow pins. New Toronto, new Canada, heavily immigrant based: sorry baby, they are not on your side on these issues. They vote Ford, they will vote for Hudak, and they voted for Harper. The CBC, the Toronto Star and your friends don’t know these people, because a lot of you have a very racially, ethnically religiously confined community group.”

—CTS (soon to be Sun News Network TV in August) talk show host Michael Coren telling the way it is about the changing face of Toronto and how it votes and the rise of the urban conservative in Toronto in response to the silly and idiotic media generated “crisis” over Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s no show to the Gay Pride Parade. Rock and effing roll Michael!!!

Blast from the past fit babe:Sexy Amy Lynn

This is a blast from the past back in 1998, when fitness model Amy Lynn posed in it’s August issue of Ironman magazine where it celebrated “Sexy Feminine Muscle” and if this lady did not represent that, I don’t know what does. Absolute perfection. Factoid: was in Corey Feldman’s movie South Beach Academy back in ’96.

Why I Don`t Take It Easy on Socialists

One fellow whom I knew at a religious fellowship back in the 2000s was a very interesting character to say the least. He had an intellect that had to be respected but with some intellectuals they like to test people. I was no by no means exempt. He could be rude, incapable of sympathy, mentally incapable of social graces (but colleagues at the fellowship loved him anyway like a rock star), a brutal contrarian for the sake of being an ass, bullheadedly taking the side of a person who gave the raw real deal and rationalized the offender`s point of view, orgasmically rubbing salt in the wound of the person who was offended. Let`s say this my reactionary feelings to his moods were very strong, if I expressed them very clearly it would get me banned on Shay`s Booker Rising. Oh yes, he at times got his orgasmic joy trying to pick a stupid and very petty fights about my coverage of meeting of a radio show host, concluding that I had a very big ego. To top of things, he gleefully admitted to me that he was a socialist, right even up to the point of supporting Marxism.  One day, he was in his contrarian mood for the sake being an ass mode by responding  to my  criticisms of politicians who were socialist in their ideology and leanings by telling me to take it easy on the socialists, they’re not the monsters I make them out to be. May I add that statement was bullheaded totalitarianism in disguise. I am an equal opportunity kick-ass offender when the right becomes Social Darwinist and fundamentalist (whether market or religion), when those who say they are centrists but are mushy, nebulous and go wherever the wind goes (not really eschewing violently the excesses of both left and right) and when the left is collectivist, wants to social engineer the human race, punish success and treat those who reap the rewards from success as some kind of criminals. I will never, ever, take it easy on Marxist socialism. Never. Thank God nobody’s telling me to take easy on Nazi Facism (not yet and I pray never) so why should I take it easy on leftist extremism. Not here to shut up for anyone despite quite a few calls. I have been dealing with bullies for a good part of my life, it is time for me to take no shit from anybody. I will not take it easy on socialists who feel a need to tax and spend money away from hard-working people and I will not take it easy on Marxist socialists who have contempt for humanity and a special contempt for those who constructively criticize their distorted worldview. Last I heard from this colleague who used to attend this church fellowship is now in the same boat with Dalai Lama let’s say. If this clip below does not vindicate my contempt for Marxist socialism, I don’t know what else will.

Clips from Primetime Propaganda

A few days ago on The Michael Coren Show, I was brought aware of young, U.S. hard-right conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and his recent book Primetime Propaganda. I have made a request to my local library  to borrow a copy. Ben Shapiro makes the case that the entertainment industry in Hollywood is leftist centered but is hostile to other points of view, particularly conservative. I have yet to read the book but I heard that Ben Shapiro suggested that the TV series Happy Days had liberal bias. Far as I am concerned that’s a bit rich. I will always remember Happy Days as one of conservative values which family was important (the Cunningham family was tightly knit one), American exceptionalism was a good thing, also faith and spirituality was also a good thing (there was an episode of The Fonz crying out God for intervention in his friend’s recovery from an injury). What I might agree with Ben Shapiro is that some of the actors in Happy Days may have sharp left of centre opinions. I remember Marion Ross (who played Mrs.Cunningham) on Bill Maher’s former show Politically Incorrect on ABC had some very aggressive left of centre views on some social issues, to put it nicely. I will show two clips from the excerpts from Primetime Propaganda and the rest you can see here.