Clips from Primetime Propaganda

A few days ago on The Michael Coren Show, I was brought aware of young, U.S. hard-right conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and his recent book Primetime Propaganda. I have made a request to my local library  to borrow a copy. Ben Shapiro makes the case that the entertainment industry in Hollywood is leftist centered but is hostile to other points of view, particularly conservative. I have yet to read the book but I heard that Ben Shapiro suggested that the TV series Happy Days had liberal bias. Far as I am concerned that’s a bit rich. I will always remember Happy Days as one of conservative values which family was important (the Cunningham family was tightly knit one), American exceptionalism was a good thing, also faith and spirituality was also a good thing (there was an episode of The Fonz crying out God for intervention in his friend’s recovery from an injury). What I might agree with Ben Shapiro is that some of the actors in Happy Days may have sharp left of centre opinions. I remember Marion Ross (who played Mrs.Cunningham) on Bill Maher’s former show Politically Incorrect on ABC had some very aggressive left of centre views on some social issues, to put it nicely. I will show two clips from the excerpts from Primetime Propaganda and the rest you can see here.

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