Intelligent Quote of The Day

(I) watched an ABC story where politicians (left and right) said it’s nobody’s business if they send their kids to private schools. Nonsense! The left opposes school choice and values public schools? Let them send their kids to one! The right thinks that overcrowded, underfunded classrooms don’t matter? Let them put their own kids in one of those classrooms!

—Blogger, James Pate (of James Thoughts and Musings) rightfully taking both the U.S. political left and right to task for not really getting it when it comes to solving their education problems.

Tribute to two departed sane Republicans who showed how it was done.

If cancer did not take the life of former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jack Kemp in May 2009, he would have reached 76 years old this past Wednesday. This man was the father of progressive conservatism, a conservatism that included minorities and empowering the economically disenfranchised and poor. I have always concluded that Jack Kemp was America’s best president they never had.  In light of the U.S. debt crisis today’s GOP has become nothing but a market fundamentalist and religious right ideological nuthouse and it is not getting better. Anyone in the GOP  who wants to criticize the party’s current direction is simply brushed off as a “RINO” (a Republican In Name Only) and independent thinking in the party is strongly discouraged. Just shut your mouth and follow the party line and nobody gets hurt. Sounds like a cult to me (trust me I have been in one so I know)! Jack Kemp could show that one can be in the GOP and still think outside the box. According The Huffington Post… “At the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs, he proposed more than 50 programs to combat urban blight and homelessness and was an early and strong advocate of enterprise zones.”  Where are those Republicans like Kemp today? Are they stifled by the more binary thinking elements of the party? Also  what  “The Hip Hop Republicans?” which derived from Kempite progressive conservatism? Will they finally be heard and recognized from the greater field of the Republican party or continue to be patronized and virtually ignored. The Conservative movement in the United States has some major re-thinking to do and not everybody in that movement’s a disciple of Ayn Rand or a Jesus Freak (ask David Frum). I have some clips from Jack Kemp’s campaign for president in ’88 during the primary season and TED-like confrence, The Aspen Ideas Institute, courtesy Happy 76 Secretary Kemp, may your spirit in heaven be glad.

Governor Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann, here is a GOP woman who had the looks like you two women but also had a brain and was not afraid to use it. The Republican Party today needs women like Betty Ford, former First Lady of The United States and wife of  late former President Gerald R.Ford. Late last week, Mrs. Ford has joined President Ford from here to eternity together.  She was buried with her husband on the Ford museum grounds on which would have been President Ford’s 98th birthday on the 14th of July. I present you PBS’s Betty Ford: The Real Deal courtesy from Rest in peace Mrs. Ford, we thank you for the service you have done for your country and the free world abroad.

Intelligent quote of The Day

 …Conservatives need a viable intellectual movement; a movement that takes ideas seriously and does not whore itself to partisan interests; a movement that does not censor itself for fear of “biting the hands” that feed it; a movement that can hold its allies to the same, or to an even higher, standard than it holds its enemies; a movement that can, for instance, utter even a mouse-like peep about the indecencies attaching to some Murdoch’s projects. When Murdoch buys something, he makes it (a) more conservative politically, and (b) esthetically and ethically trashier. Conservatives have ignored (b) because of (a). “A bought mind is a spoiled mind” (Orwell). How bought are we? Our responses so far to the demonstrable infelicities of the News Corporation suggest a sad answer.

—-American author and blogger Mark Riebling urging a major re-thinking of how conservatives do business in light of Rupert Murdoch’s News of The World scandal.