Intelligent quote of The Day

 …Conservatives need a viable intellectual movement; a movement that takes ideas seriously and does not whore itself to partisan interests; a movement that does not censor itself for fear of “biting the hands” that feed it; a movement that can hold its allies to the same, or to an even higher, standard than it holds its enemies; a movement that can, for instance, utter even a mouse-like peep about the indecencies attaching to some Murdoch’s projects. When Murdoch buys something, he makes it (a) more conservative politically, and (b) esthetically and ethically trashier. Conservatives have ignored (b) because of (a). “A bought mind is a spoiled mind” (Orwell). How bought are we? Our responses so far to the demonstrable infelicities of the News Corporation suggest a sad answer.

—-American author and blogger Mark Riebling urging a major re-thinking of how conservatives do business in light of Rupert Murdoch’s News of The World scandal.

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