Final Goodbye To Jack

Talk about leaving in style and having the hot weather to back it up!  I was there seeing a piece of history being a part of the state funeral of late Leader of The Opposition Jack Layton this past Saturday at Roy Thompson Hall and the park adjacent to it. He had many friends and admirers in the throngs of thousands to show respect and say goodbye to him for one last time.  I have consistently and passionately disagree with most of Jack Layton’s policies when he was alive and yes, he did irk me a little bit during his life but when he had his first battle with cancer and had to face to campaigning in an upcoming general election, I was completely inspired. He could have quit then and there but he didn’t. He pressed on anyway only to have enough seats in Parliament to become Leader of Her Majesty’s Oppositon. Sadly, he only enjoyed at least 3 1/2 months of that important position. Also, I was somehow intrigued with his “positive election campaigns”. To me it was a welcome break from the negative campaign that both the Grits and Tories (and I am a Tory) have wilfully participated in. People who believe in negative attack ads religiously, I say in return, “Positive ads WORK!!!” Let’s not forget Ronald Reagan. Though Jack Layton and myself shared different world views apart, there is common ground that we must make the world a better place and make sure it is a totally different one than we found it (in a positive way, of course). He showed all people who aspire political office (including myself, a Conservative but that’s irrelevant and besides the point) how it’s done.




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