It’s been a decade and it’s still a time to remember

Though this is a very sad and tragic event, I am thankful and humbled  that to now have the time and opportunity to do this again on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks where I as print the names of my fellow Canadians who tragically perished this day.

Arczynski, Mike
Bailey, Garnet
Barkway, David
Basnicki, Ken
Collison, Joe
Connolly, Cindy
Dack, Arron
Egan, Christine
Egan, Michael
Elmarry, Albert
Ewart, Meredith
Feidelberg, Peter
Filipov, Alexander
Gerhardt, Ralph
Lee, Stuart
Ludvigsen, Mark
Mascarenhas, Bernard
McArthur, Colin
Pelletier, Mike
Robson, Donald
Santos, Rufino
Tomasevic, Vladimir
Vincelli, Chantal
Williams, Debbie

An American tragedy, a Canadian tragedy and yes, more importantly a human tragedy. We have not fogotten. The Canadian version of  The Huffington Post  has a list and a brief synopsis of the 24 victim’s lives. I know this is probably a little dated because the monster (Bin-Laden) who orchestrated this tragedy has been thankfully cut off  from the earth but it is still somewhat relevant, the music video from country singer Darryl Worley, “Have You Forgotten?”

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