Intelligent Quotes of The Day from Akindele Akinyemi

Detroit based educator and blogger (and sane Republican) Akindele Akinyemi had some very interesting things on his Facebook page to say about the United States education system and American’s tendency to subscribe to anti-intellectual know-nothingism.

 1)Many Americans aren’t very motivated to study or actually learn. A good friend of mine just recently came back from a trip to China. While he was there, he went to the library at 6:00 A.M. and noticed that every seat in the library was filled with children practicing math and learning English. When I come to a public library or a University library in America, it’s nearly empty with the exception of finals week. How is it possible that some Americans are able to talk about sports the entire day, yet they are unable to name the capitals of their state or what’s really important in current affairs.

2)In America, every child is required to get a free education and all the opportunities it provides; however, many students squander these chances and do not take their job to get an education seriously. Children in other countries see a strong education as the only way to better their current lifestyles.

3)In slums around the world, people who are so less fortunate than those in the United States are learning our language and cherishing an education. Here, we have problems with kids cutting class and failing to do their homework.

4)Studying languages is a factor in U.S. security. Our country had lacked speakers of specific languages when conflicts erupted in various regions the world. Most in the U.S. do not understand the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan. There is no substitute for localism, even in a global world; language is essential. Because of globalization the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” rule no longer applies.

Mr. A. also takes on the oversimplistic comparisons to the Tea Party movement of the 2010’s with the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s:

Whoever says the tea party is a civil right movement is goofy. Water hoses, dogs sicked on a man’s nuts, lynchings, poll taxes, domestic terrorism, church burnings, marching, riding on the back of the bus, boycotting, cross burnings, no judicial support, and Jim Crow were part of the Civil Rights Movement. Show me one person in the tea party has died fighting for freedom the way these people did 50 years ago.

I ask a simple question to Mr. A.: Why is the GOP NOT listening to you?!!!
There should be more to a political party besides tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts.

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