Rock and Roll Sun News Network!!!

Even before Sun News Network came to be this past April, I have heard the usual condescending attitudes from some of my friends and colleagues who are left-of-centre worldview saying that this new network was to be “Fox News of The North” or it was “Neo-Conservatism” invading Canada and other statements which I found to baseless, hollow,group-think, knee-jerk reactions. I enjoy Michael Coren’s show The Arena (although it’s a more fast-paced show than his previous one of CTS) and Ezra Levant when I get a chance to see him, I love his sense of humour and Charles Adler, another guy who is not afraid to speak his mind.  Anyone who says that I agree with everything from Sun News Network is simply insulting (and teasing) the simple fact that I am an independent thinker and latch on to no one. Anyone who is screaming for an example on where I differ with some of the Sun News commentators won’t get it here on this post. Tough, I am not a lap dog. Instead, I am going to express my pride in Sun News Network in preserving freedom of speech and taking it damn seriously unlike others who want to submit to the tyranny of niceness and political correctness run amok. What I’m I talking about? I am talking about the Ethical Oil commercials that CTV decided not run because of complaints from the Saudi government. Wait a minute: a foreign government telling a Canadian station what not to put on their own network? The commercial was in no way slanderous in talking about Saudi Arabia, these are well known facts. Sun News Network, unlike CTV has not bowed to Saudi pressure and I all the more salute them. Here’s the clip of the commercial, courtesy of you be the judge!

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