A special thank you and a very sad goodbye to a woman gone way to soon who possessed a rich musical legacy for all generations yet to come to be inspired and enjoyed by all people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I am eternally grateful for her debut in the 1980’s, when I was growing up as a teenager,  to hear  (and see on video) her remarkable talent. Her personal voice may be silenced but her musical voice is immortal. Rest in peace Whitney, sing to The Lord with a cheerful voice!

One of my favourite Whitney Houston songs:

and who can forget this? has a collection of videos in tribute to Whitney Houston here.

Random Babe of The Day pic

As I celebrate my 42nd birthday today, I have  one lovely lady who shares my birthday by the name of Teresa Nicole Anthony from Baltimore. She is a fitness model who has graced on quite a few publications and in her day job works for NASA (yes, a very brainy girl).  So I wish the lovely lass a very good birthday too!

The Trouble With Romney

 U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary this past evening doing very well with fellow candidate Ron Paul at his side at second place and Jon Huntsman at third place (who I really like and I hope can make something out of this). Other candidates like former U.S. Speaker of  The House of Representatives Newt Gingrich (another one whom I like a lot but who has a lot of baggage and of enemies on all sides of the political spectrum left, center and right) came in fourth and former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum came in fifth. The next big event is the South Carolina primary on January 21st.  Will Romney have the Republican nomination locked up? Many pundits suggest so. For me, I hope not.  If he’s ever to get the nomination (providing the two men mentioned I like get it) he must work for it and hard! If I was to meet Mitt Romney in my lifetime, I could only imagine that there is a certain prank  I would do. Watch this clip from Wayne’s World  (starring hometown Toronto boy Mike Myers).

It really is hard to warm up to Mitt Romney. I have related to public figures who had humble beginnings. I mean that they were broke ass poor when they grew up (think Nixon or Clinton) or they had severe personal tragedies and/or hardship in life (think Lincoln or former British PM Winston Churchill). Former Governor Romney was born into a wealthy political and business family. He’s net worth is over 200 million. How can 30 million Americans who are simply in dire straights relate to a man like that ??? This is his challenge over the next  ten months to bridge the gap. If not, Americans will experience their own version of Pierre Trudeau in the incarnation of a second Obama term.

Yes, the blog name keeps on a changin’!

First I started with The Way I See It (on, then added as The Way I See It, Anyway. Then it became the Independent Thinker and as of  recent, Taylor Topics. Now the blog is called The Purple Tory, which is committed (and always will) to a sane, rational, centrist and intelligent kind of conservatism for the 21 st century. New name but the same principles and same style. May you still enjoy what is to come.

Happy New Year 2012 to ALL!

It has been a couple months since I have blogged on this site. I hope to change that but having a life besides blogging has a lot more importance and priority at the moment but those who are sincere readers, I have not forgotten about you.  The mission is still the same: giving a strong centrist conservative point of view. For the guys: I want to give more (Fit or otherwise) Babes of The Month (or random babe of the day) as possible. Yes prudes whether fundamentalists or feminists can always go somewhere else!  As for everyone may 2012 be a Happy New(s) Year in every sense of the word!