Happy Canada Day 2010

It has been a very long time since I have blogged here but I have blogged quite frequently on my ever title changing blog now called Life After the WCG and MORE Abudantly (which deals with spiritual and theological issues) for some time.  For those who are really spying, I am tinkering with the idea of starting afresh with my blogging on current affairs with a twist. You’ll see title of this blog, still yet to be used called Conscience of A Progressive Conservative. A movement needs to be  ignited  (in Canada in the U.S. particularly) and I hope I will be ONE of many flame carriers of this movement. Consequently, The Independent Thinker will be used archival purposes, once the project is off the ground.  Also, I hope to see myself on Shay’s list again in the very near future. Lots of things have changed in the world as usual (The Gulf Spill continues and I say go get  BP, Anderson). It is well over a year that Michael Jackson has left us. Economic troubles in Europe and North America stubbornly remain with us. With all this stubborn uncertainty in the world remaining as we have completed the first half of the timultuous 2010, I am still proud of living in a great country like Canada and July 1st marks the 143rd anniversary of the confederation of this country we call Canada. May it see another 143 years. I am not going to give you another O`Canada clip but I will present to you a song (which I feel should have been the national anthem) called `The Maple Leaf Forever“. Enjoy the song and lyrics. May all have a safe and Happy Canada Day!