A special thank you and a very sad goodbye to a woman gone way to soon who possessed a rich musical legacy for all generations yet to come to be inspired and enjoyed by all people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I am eternally grateful for her debut in the 1980’s, when I was growing up as a teenager,  to hear  (and see on video) her remarkable talent. Her personal voice may be silenced but her musical voice is immortal. Rest in peace Whitney, sing to The Lord with a cheerful voice!

One of my favourite Whitney Houston songs:

and who can forget this? has a collection of videos in tribute to Whitney Houston here.




Haydain Neale



A very incredibly sad day in Canadian music and music in general. While I remember the decade of the 2000’s as “fast food” manufactured music, a man by the name Haydain Neale kindly made an oasis in a sea of what I call the musical garbage that pervades today. This lead singer of the group called Jacksoul was a leader, not a follower when it came to music.  After recovering from a car accident in 2007 and a private battle with lung cancer which began a few months ago this year which ended in the way least expected from of all of us on a Monday night with his family at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto at age 39 (an age which I share), another album which will sadly be his last as lead singer of Jacksoul, will be released on the first of December. May it truly be his last hurrah and another great contribution to Canadian music. Rest in peace, sir and sing before the Lord with a cheerful voice!

Here are a couple video clips of this great music.









Yes, that guy in Cyndi Lauper’s video, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and long time  famous wrestler in what is now known as The WWE (as it was the WWF in those days). I also remember him appearing on an episode of  80’s TV series “227” giving a social conscience message about homelessness. Would have been nice the Captain had several more years to go but the Good Lord had other plans. You will be missed and rest in peace, sir. 

Read’s tribute here.






A salute and honour  to a man who changed and defined television journalism as we know it from CBS News. A man who inspired and gave inspiration to those who seriously pursued the profession. A man who had the ear of a U.S. President (Lyndon Johnson) who dared to say, “If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America!” A man who cared about “the story” and only  “the story”—or as he would say at the end of his news broadcast, “That’s the way it is!” In a multi-channelled, 24 hour news channel orientation, it will be incredibly difficult for anyone person to rival the influence of Walter Cronkite and for this we thank you for your long and rich legacy, sir.






Now on a very sad note, I was shocked to discover on my friend James Pate’s site about  the death of famous author Michael Crichton who was the creator of the TV series ER and the author of Jurassic Park which became a blockbuster movie among others. 66 years is way too soon to lose this great writer and very smart man. Rest in peace Michael.

In Memoriam: Paul Newman 1925-2008


I have a strong sense of need and duty to pay may final respects to the late great Paul Newman who’s 83 year old earthly course which ended this past weekend due to his battle with lung cancer which ended in the manner least expected of us.  A truly excellent actor who had a long successful marriage will truly missed. Gone, but thank God, will be never forgotten. Here is a tribute clip from his foundation Newman’s Own courtesy from  Thank you Mr.Newman for the memories and your humanitarian work straight from the heart. Rest in peace, sir.

A tribute for Tony Snow 1955-2008

Saturday morning surfing on the internet before going to my company picnic, I was informed of the passing of journalist and former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, whose battle with cancer ended in the way we least desired. In the early to mid 1990’s, I remember him back as Rush Limbaugh’s substitute on his radio show (looking back, it would have been nice if Tony was permanent). Also I remember him making a statement about the Republican party should shed it’s image of being a political party for only white people. Right on Tony! Somebody had to say that! He had a wonderful attitude and a positive glow—even when this dreaded disease of cancer got the best of him.  Not just a man of faith, but of VERY STRONG faith. He believed that we were not promised tomorrow in this life but of ETERNAL LIFE in the next and believed that until the very end. We all miss you Tony, rest in peace.

I found a tribute video for Tony at for all to watch and commemorate the exciting life of this man.