Watch with an open mind

There have been some friends in the conservative movement on both sides of the border that have always implied to me there was something more to U.S. President Obama than meets the eye. We both agreed his policies have negative consequences for the United States. Where we disagreed was about his personal agenda for the United States. I thought some assessments were crazy but I am questioning my response to their assessments. I have had no problem believing in that U.S. President Obama is a socialist. As a Canadian I have seen parallels between President Obama and former Toronto Mayor David Miller, former Ontario Premier Bob Rae (who are former members of the New Democratic Party, Rae’s now a Liberal running again for his seat for next Monday’s federal election) and late former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau (who was briefly a member of the NDP’s previous incarnation of the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) but became a hard left member of the Liberal Party of Canada) but what you will see in the clip below from President Obama’s former college buddy Dr. John C. Drew who was a former Marxist back in the day will make you realize that Obama would look at these Canadian social democratic politicians too conservative for his taste. Yes, even Trudeau who even flirted with Soviet leaders and Castro in his day. Am I exaggerating?  Well you be the judge and watch the clip.  If you believe what Dr. John C. Drew is credible and believable, then you will rightfully conclude that President Obama is by no means a pragmatic centrist as some enablers would like you to believe and is possibly in a mad dash to throw the baby with the bath water and to re-mold in America in his image. America has a fateful decision to make in 2012. May it choose wisely.