Happy New Year 2012 to ALL!

It has been a couple months since I have blogged on this site. I hope to change that but having a life besides blogging has a lot more importance and priority at the moment but those who are sincere readers, I have not forgotten about you.  The mission is still the same: giving a strong centrist conservative point of view. For the guys: I want to give more (Fit or otherwise) Babes of The Month (or random babe of the day) as possible. Yes prudes whether fundamentalists or feminists can always go somewhere else!  As for everyone may 2012 be a Happy New(s) Year in every sense of the word!

Intelligent Quote of The Day

In Japan, in the midst of hell, there are no riots, no looting, not even any price gouging! In Wisconsin the people are acting like spoiled brats and much worse. Send them to Japan for some lessons in how to be human, much less pulling together as a nation in crisis. Makes a person ashamed to be associated with them.

—Nathan, giving his two cents comparing the tragedies and Japan and the recent teacher strike uprising in the state of Wisconsin

Happy 6-0 Phil!!!

I cannot believe it! British singer (and former lead singer of the group Genesis) Phil Collins has reached a milestone of turning 60 years old today. I remember growing up listening to his music and his videos. He was one on my favourite artists of my teen years back in the 80’s and what way to celebrate is to show some videos of this legendary musician in his own right. Happy birthday Phil!

Fit babe of the month: Nora Girones

It’s back!  So those who are radical feminists and fundamentalists, I am giving both of you the door in advance: LEAVE! For guys who like  beautiful strong women without objection, I bring back my favourite section The Babe of The Month (or sometimes The Fit Babe of The Month). This month is fellow Aquarian Spanish, Madrid-based beauty Nora Girones who turns 31 this month who is a longtime bodybuilder and singing contestant. Yes Shay, I find the glutes on this lovely lady impeccable. 🙂

Glad you’re back Roger!


That’s movie critic Roger Ebert of course! This past Friday, he has returned to his roots PBS to host and manage a new movie critic show with two other fellow critics by the names of Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky. Also Roger’s looking good these days, thanks to wearing a silicone prosthesis over his lower face and neck after his gruesome battle with cancer and toll it had taken after surgery. I wish many more years for Roger Ebert and his new show on PBS! Cheers!